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Siegfried Berno, born in 1992, is a German artist. In his work he explores the concept of the mind, the creation of realities and its relation to the perceived and the encountered.


For Siegfried, the mind and its capability to explore, imagine and expand, build the foundation for the understanding of existence. For him, this is the case as it is essential in the process of defining, thinking, giving direction and functioning. All concepts including the understanding of the “self” and the “other” are derived from the possibility to interact, observe and reflect on the observed.

The mind - even though in theory is as well just a concept in itself - is the deepest truth one can find to his or her own reality.     To the being.     To creation.


He constructs his abstract yet organic artworks that serve as a portal to the inner worlds by layering various techniques, structures and materials. His works and execution are intuitive
and never follow a pre-planned order. The layers can take form in various ways, from bold brutal explosions to fine water run lines. While applying and sculpturing the different
mediums and materials, he observes their behaviour under various given factors, such as time, heat or gravity, and by influencing and controlling them, he creates perception twisting shapes. The layers build up in chaos and seemingly randomness and yet ultimately fall into
place as if they couldn’t exist in a different composition.



  • 2021, Subconscious Reflections (Solo Show), Schweizer 5, Frankfurt a.M., Germany

  • 2021, ​Private Viewing (Atelier), Heidelberg, Germany

  • 2020, Private Viewing (Atelier), Heidelberg, Germany

  • ​2019, Private Viewing (Atelier), Berlin, Germany

discovery ofTHE UNCoNSCIoUS."

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