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Sasha Kasatkina

Sasha is an emerging Ukrainian artist and designer, and founder of Sunny.

She studied art at the academy of architecture in Odessa.

In 2021, she moved ti Berlin with her younger sister to escape the war in her home country.

Sasha launched Sunny, summer 2020, a series of clothes aiming to self-enjoyment, freedom and empowering women.

At a young age, Sasha already collaborated on capsulte collection for CODESS and UY Studio.



  • 2023 Bodies in motion, The Collective x VBR Gallery, Berlin, Germany


  • 2022 Capsule collective for UY Studio, Berlin

  • 2022 Collection for CODESS

The Collective Bodies In Motion-281.jpg

" Sunny is empowering women to live their own truth."

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