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Leonie (*1994 in Frankfurt, Germany) is a contemporary fine artist. She paints figuratively, often displaying animals and humans in context with their direct surroundings. Her work is rooted in topics such as self-optimization, cuteness and internet culture. 


Specht's research is based around the question of simultaneous depth and absurdity of the human experience. She has two very different approaches to how she distributes her work: (1) being physical oil paintings and works on paper and (2) being digital paintings hand-drawn on screen that exclusively exist as data on the blockchain as art NFTs. Her goal is to bring those contrasting mediums together in the exhibition space. Creating tension and dialogue at the same time, past and future meet in this specific moment. 


The artist's practice is influenced by her spiritual approach to life, as well as the impact of the developments of the 21st century such as social media and the blockchain. Intentionally incorporating glitches into her works, Specht constantly reinforces humor and absurdity. Animals are given a symbolic and social role and function as personas in a microcosm. 


Leonie Specht's work has been featured on and KubaParis. The artist studied fine art in Germany, Korea and Italy. She currently lives in Milan. 



  • 2022, Solo Show: Bar Normal, Berlin

  • 2022, Group Show: Doing by Doing, Zollamt Galerie, Offenbach

  • 2021, Solo Show: Pick a Mood, Umweg by Punkt, Frankfurt/Main

  • 2021, Group Show: HfG Rundgang, Offenbach

  • 2021, Group Show: Diplomnebenfach, Zollamt Galerie, Offenbach

  • 2021, Group Show: Frankfurter Kunstvertrieb, Frankfurter Kunstverein

  • 2020, Group Show: Solo Extra, Flowershop, Offenbach

  • 2020, Group Show: Gauzy Times, Zollamt Galerie, Offenbach

  • 2020, Group Show: Ways of Existence, Framed Gallery, Frankfurt/Main

  • 2019, Group Show: HfG Rundgang, Offenbach

  • 2019, Group Show: Subjektiv, Framed Gallery, Frankfurt/Main

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"her portraits of FAMILIAR FIGURES that have an unfamiliar and mysterious twist LET US DIVE INTo A WoRLD oF FACT AND FANTASY."

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