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We are thrilled to invite you to our upcoming exhibition, “Bodies in motion” this February in collaboration with the Gallery Von Racknitz + Baer.

The exhibition intends to explore the different dimensions, interpretations and uses of the human body as a way of expressing one’s identity, troubles, creativity, and social appearance. We want to achieve this by opening a dialogue with young talents from the art- and design community in unison with the fashion world – to put the body again at the centre of people's emotions and expressions.

Part of the “Bodies in motion” is the German artist Moritz Kloppe. The Berlin-based painter wants to break taboos around exposed bodies. 

Another part of the show will be the fashion pieces of the young Ukrainian artist and designer Sasha Kasatkina; founder of Sunny. Enjoyment, freedom and women empowerment drive her creativity. 

Representing the design dimension of the exhibition – Lani Lees will present some of her unique jewellery pieces. Handcrafting each piece using recycled gold, silver and packaging materials, the berlin-based designer aims to create authentic and sustainable jewellery.  

FRI, Feb 10th 2023: opening

Timing: 19:00-00:00h

The evening event will introduce The Collective's event "Bodies in motion" and the artists and designers accompanied by live set by Elibreaker and Marius and complimentary drinks.

february 11th to 19TH : ALL-DAY SHoWCASE

Timing: 13:00-19:00h Closed on Monday 13th, February

This all-day showcase will introduce The Collective's event series and artists of its community for creative minds accompanied by performance, live DJ set and complimentary drinks.

SAT, february 18TH: FINISSAGE Dinner

Timing: 19:00h-00:00h       Closed on Monday 13th, February


This evening will invite family and friends to come together and enjoy a last gathering at the gallery. Seated dinner accompanied by music. Places limited.

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