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Ethos (/ˈiːθoʊs/)


We believe in the art and soul of craftsmanship. Global markets are filled with goods that are manufactured within minutes and sold for a high price justified by the tag of a signature brand. 

We want to serve as a countermovement and promote creative crafts that are created with commitment to excellence and quality.


Every creation has a story to tell and we believe that sharing the creative journey, its origin and intention is what makes people connect, understand and fill in love with them. We put a spotlight on the creators and their stories.


When something is created with passion, it is created with the heart and the soul. We want to support exactly that as we believe that those who follow their passion are on the path to fulfillment and purpose.


We advocate guilt-free works that are created with a high degree of integrity and assessment of positive and negative social and environmental impacts in the creation process and beyond.

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